Function (and Policy)

Verdhana is a Securities Company that conducts its business activities as a Securities Broker Dealer regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

The Compliance Policy sets out general provisions for running a Verdhana business. This policy must be read in line with other relevant Verdhana’s policies.

The Compliance Policy is intended to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations and internal policies; it is also intended to ensure compliance with the best professional practices and the highest ethical standards. Therefore, it is most important for Verdhana employees to comply with the provisions set forth in this policy.

The Verdhana’s Compliance Policy applies to all employees and functions at Verdhana. Employees are responsible for reading, understanding and following all Verdhana ‘policies. Therefore, the Compliance Policy must be read in conjunction with other Verdhana’s policies.
PT Verdhana Sekuritas Indonesia is registered and supervised by Otoritas Jasa Keuangan which has a business activity license as a Broker-Dealer with a business license No. KEP-62/D.04/2020, dated 17 November 2020.