Function (and Policy)
Internal Audit

In carrying out Internal Audit Function in Verdhana, Internal Audit Function provides independent and objective assurance to the Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners of Verdhana on the adequacy of the design, operating effectiveness and efficiency of the risk management system and the systems of internal control.

Internal Audit Function acts as an independent, proactive and forward-looking challenger and adviser to the Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners of Verdhana.

This function evaluates compliance of the other Functions in the Company based on the Company’s policies and procedures. In addition, this function evaluates compliance with regulations and key laws. In conducting the evaluation, the integrity of the processes and techniques employed, assumptions and sources of information used in its internal models, and the quality including the use of qualitative risk identification and assessment tools.

Internal Audit Function is independent, objective and not subject to any instructions from Board of Directors with regard to the selection and scoping of audits or the reporting and evaluation of audit findings.
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